Neighbors Building Brookline is a coalition of precinct 12 residents in the town of Brookline, Massachusetts, who have come together to support better government in our town.

For the past twenty years, Neighbors Building Brookline has been working on many issues important to our precinct and town. Our goals:

• Maintain excellent schools and Town services in the face of the current economic climate
• Ensure successful renovation, expansion of Runkle School
• More transparent and responsive Town Government
• Maintain architectural character of our neighborhoods
• Increase affordable housing town-wide
• Support our Washington Square merchants
• Neighborhood appropriate development based on public participation and respect for zoning by-laws
• Affirm the diversity of the community
• Reduce neighborhood, town carbon footprint
• Preserve open space
• Address traffic, parking, bicycle, pedestrian concerns
• Provide and preserve services for seniors

The members of Neighbors Building Brookline:
Michael A. Burstein
Bruce Cohen
Lee Cooke-Childs
Jon Grand
Stefanie Greenfield
Casey Hatchett
Jonathan A. Karon
David Klafter
Judy Meyers
Michael Oates
A. Joseph Ross
Will Slotnick
Don Weitzman


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