Candidate Statement 2012: A. Joseph Ross


Question 1:  What are the critical issues in your precinct and how would you deal with them?

Like all of Brookline, we are concerned with maintaining town services and controlling development  In Precinct 12,  we want to see Runkle School completed successfully and on time. But those near the school are also concerned about unsightly HVAC equipment on the roof.  I don’t have the magic solution, but I intend to pay close attention to discussions, try to understand the complicated construction issues, and try to vote intelligently.

Question 2:  Biographical data

Town Meeting Member 1979-88, 1989-94, 1999-2004, 2005-present; President, Brookline Tenant Union 1979-88; Member, Democratic Town Committee; Brookline Cable Monitoring Committee, 1985-89; Housing Code Subcommittee, Brookline Public Health Advisory Council, 1979-88; Mass. Consumers Council MBTA Task Force, 1978-79,  Condo Owner, past Trustee; Past Treasurer, Brookline Condo Owners Association; Past Board Member, Brookline PAX; Past Board Member, Town Meeting Members Association, Co-chair, 2001-2003. Member, Moderator’s Committee on Parking. Attorney


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