Candidate Statement 2012: Bruce Cohen


Why am I running for Town Meeting?


I am running for this position because I believe in community service and I want to continue to promote the high quality of life in Brookline.  I am a firm believer in public service—I have worked in Federal and state government for over 25 years, and I have been active in civic affairs my entire adult life. I believe our neighborhood, Washington Square, is developing a wonderful mix of small businesses. I want to see it thrive while maintaining the relatively low-key atmosphere.  I am concerned about further congestion and making sure our commercial efforts are in character with the neighborhood homes.  I am also very optimistic about our entire community—for me, Brookline is a wonderful blend of urban and suburban.  I use the T every day as well trying to shop locally; it still is relatively easy to get into town and get out of town quickly.  For a town our size, we have great local services—the library, our recreational opportunities, an incredibly supportive local health Department, and great schools.  I want to help plan to make these even better.

What is your background?


Currently, I am President of Friends of Brookline Public Health, chair of the Brookline Public Health Advisory Council, serve as co-chair of the Western Suburban Community Health Network, and participate on the Health Committee of Brookline’s Sister City Project.  I have also been on TMMA executive board, the Brookline Neighborhood Alliance, past co-chair of the Washington Square Coalition, and Vice-President of Brookline Youth Baseball.  I have lived in Brookline for 24 years, and my son is a Runkle and BHS graduate.


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