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Election Day Tomorrow – May 1, 2012

April 30, 2012

Neighbors Building Brookline would like to remind all Precinct 12 voters that tomorrow is election day.  Please get out and vote!

Neighbors Building Brookline endorses the following thirteen candidates for Town Meeting from precinct 12:

If you’ve been with us for the past few weeks, you’ve seen candidate statements from all of our endorsed candidates. Clicking on any of the names above will bring you to that candidate’s statement.

Politically diverse, we are held together by our commitment to Brookline and our support for the highest quality in our schools and Town services. We have been an active group, providing Brookline four Selectmen, four School Committee members, three Library Trustees, five members of the Advisory Committee, and several members of the Town’s many other boards and commissions.

From the beginning, we have made it a point to meet before every Town Meeting to inform ourselves about the Warrant (the docket of proposed legislation which Town Meeting votes upon). We do not take stands as a group, but we do go into every Town Meeting as perhaps the best-informed precinct delegation in town, and have served as a model to other precinct groups in Brookline. Our meetings are open to other Town Meeting Members as well as the public.

We’ll be at the polls all day. Hope to see you there!


Candidate Statements 2012 Roundup

April 27, 2012

Thanks to all of the Precinct 12 voters who have visited our blog over the past two weeks to read statements from our endorsed candidates for Town Meeting. If you’d like to find a candidate’s statement again, here are the links:

Remember that election day for Brookline municipal elections is next Tuesday, May 1, 2012. Please come out and vote!

Candidate Statement 2012: Donald C. Weitzman

April 26, 2012

Dear Neighbor,

I have lived in Brookline since 1990 and been active in Brookline civic affairs since 1993, including representing precinct 12 in Town Meeting since 1994. While my political interests and involvements have been quite varied (please see the details of my résumé below), three general principles tend to govern my decisions.

Government (at all levels) has a responsibility to protect its citizens from the excessive power of the private sector. In particular, however much the Town might need and desire the revenue that comes from development, we in local government must ensure that such development is shaped by the needs of our neighborhoods and individual residents. To this end, I was a founding member of the Brookline Neighborhood Alliance, which I served in a variety of offices, and have been an active board member of the Fisher Hill Association for several years. My votes in Town Meeting on development issues have always been influenced by this vision.

Long-term sustainability (environmental, economic, and social) must be a key criterion for every governmental decision. We cannot ignore the forces at play in the larger world as we vote on local issues, forces such as climate change, growing energy and clean water scarcity, population pressures, growing national debt, encroachment on green space, etc. A decade ago, I helped found Climate Change Action Brookline (CCAB), which continues to shape our local response to this global threat, and I currently serve as a Co-chair of the Selectmen’s Climate Action Committee, founded through the efforts of CCAB in 2008. In 2009, I spearheaded the Green Neighborhoods Challenge, a friendly contest to see which Brookline neighborhoods could do the most to cut their carbon footprints. In addition to supporting environmentally responsible decisions in Town Meeting, I also support aggressive approaches to meet our ten percent affordable housing quota, and sustainable budgeting practices.

Process is important: how we make our decisions strongly influences how effective those decisions turn out to be. Participatory democracy doesn’t just happen; it needs to be encouraged through open and transparent governmental processes, and respect for the opinions of others.

I grew up in Washington, DC in the ‘40s and ‘50s, part of a family that was targeted by McCarthyism.  I learned at a very early age a profound lesson about the relationship between the individual and one’s government. I was also acutely aware that, as residents of the District of Columbia, we had no vote. So when I moved to Brookline decades later, I think I was more appreciative than most of our Town Meeting form of government, and our culture of citizen activism. It is part of what I love about our community.

My wife, Harriet Goldberg, and I are eternally grateful to our school system: our daughter Lily received more than a terrific academic education at Runkle and BHS, she also developed a deep social conscience. Our schools do far more for our community than keep real estate values high. I came into Town Meeting 16 years ago campaigning strongly, along with my Neighbors Building Brookline slate, for the first general override for the schools. My commitment to our schools has never wavered.

I would love to continue representing our precinct in Town Meeting. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, May 1, and support for the Neighbors Building Brookline slate. Thanks for reading, and do let me know what you are thinking.

Don Weitzman
123 Buckminster Road

Donald C. Weitzman
123 Buckminster Road
Brookline MA 02445
(617) 738-7864 (H)
(617) 640-3718 (C)

Born Washington, D.C. 1942

B.A. Carleton College 1963
M.A. New York University 1964

Retired, former teacher and teaching consultant, private investor.

Brookline resident and homeowner since 1990.

Married to Harriet Goldberg, songwriter. Father of Lillian, graduate of Runkle School and School Within a School at Brookline High School.

Town Meeting Member, 1994-present.
Founding member, Neighbors Building Brookline (precinct 12 TM slate).
Advisory Committee member, 1996-1997, 2007-2009.
Selectman, 1997-2000.
Founding member and past co-chair, Town Meeting Members Association.
Founding member, former Treasurer, former co-chair, Brookline Neighborhood Alliance.
Board member, Brookline PAX.
Board member, Fisher Hill Association.
Former Board member, Brookline GreenSpace Alliance.
Associate Member, Brookline Democratic Town Committee.
Host, Brookline Beat, Brookline Access Television
Founding member, past co-chair, and current Treasurer, Climate Change Action Brookline (CCAB). Sponsored and co-authored Article 29 (May 2008 TM) that established Selectmen’s Climate Action Committee.
Organized the Sustainable Brookline Forum, February 2008.
Co-chair, Selectmen’s Climate Action Committee, 2009-.
(Appointed to several Selectmen’s and Moderator’s Committees, most recently the PAYT Committee.)

Directed the Green Neighborhoods Challenge, 2009, a friendly carbon-cutting contest among Brookline’s neighborhood associations, co-sponsored by BNA & CCAB.

Neighborhood Leadership Award, Brookline Neighborhood Alliance, 2009
Jack Backman Social Justice Award, Brookline PAX, 2010

Candidate Statement 2012: William E. Slotnick

April 26, 2012

Town Meeting Member since 2007. Co-President of Brookline Access Television (BATV). Current/Past Affiliations: Brookline PAX, Brookline Coalition Against Substance Abuse, Brookline Parent Education Network, Brookline Neighborhood Alliance, Aspinwall Hill Neighborhood Association. I’m the founder of Wellness Collaborative ( I’ve provided drug education, stress management & mindfulness training to public and private schools for over 20 years. I live with my wife Karin Lindfors, our daughter Maya… and Jesse the longhaired dachshund!

Candidate Statement 2012: A. Joseph Ross

April 25, 2012

Question 1:  What are the critical issues in your precinct and how would you deal with them?

Like all of Brookline, we are concerned with maintaining town services and controlling development  In Precinct 12,  we want to see Runkle School completed successfully and on time. But those near the school are also concerned about unsightly HVAC equipment on the roof.  I don’t have the magic solution, but I intend to pay close attention to discussions, try to understand the complicated construction issues, and try to vote intelligently.

Question 2:  Biographical data

Town Meeting Member 1979-88, 1989-94, 1999-2004, 2005-present; President, Brookline Tenant Union 1979-88; Member, Democratic Town Committee; Brookline Cable Monitoring Committee, 1985-89; Housing Code Subcommittee, Brookline Public Health Advisory Council, 1979-88; Mass. Consumers Council MBTA Task Force, 1978-79,  Condo Owner, past Trustee; Past Treasurer, Brookline Condo Owners Association; Past Board Member, Brookline PAX; Past Board Member, Town Meeting Members Association, Co-chair, 2001-2003. Member, Moderator’s Committee on Parking. Attorney

Candidate Statement 2012: Michael F. Oates

April 25, 2012

Homeowner, Brookline resident for 19 years. Town Meeting Member since 2007. Experience includes: Advisory Committee (Public Safety Subcommittee), Olmsted Hill Oversight Committee, Camera Oversight Committee, Fisher Hill Association Board Member and Email Secretary, Brookline Community Aging Network (technology & newsletter), FLL Judge Advisor (youth robotics), RSC Executive Committee (music conservatory). Married with three children. Email:

Candidate Statement 2012: Judy Meyers

April 24, 2012

In 1985, my husband, Mark Pasternack, and I moved with our two children, Matthew and Amy, to Brookline, in large part, because of the schools. Indeed, we were not disappointed; both children received an excellent education, first at Runkle and then at BHS.

From the beginning, I became active in both the schools and the Town. I served on the first Runkle School Council and was an active participant in the campaigns to build a new Lincoln School and to renovate the high school. I have been a Town Meeting Member since 1994 and a member of the Brookline School Committee since 2000. I was the Chair of the School Committee from 2006-2008, during which time I co-chaired the 2008 YES for Brookline Override Campaign.

The Town continues to face very tight budgets for both operating costs and capital spending. As a Town Meeting Member, I have been committed to maintaining excellent schools and Town services despite these fiscal challenges. I would appreciate your vote on May 1.

Candidate Statement 2012: David B. Klafter

April 24, 2012

Town Meeting Member since 2005. Business Executive. Homeowner. Board member, Brookline PAX. Former Coordinator of the Brookline Peace Coalition. Ten years coaching with the Brookline Soccer Club. Activist on antiwar, environmental and social justice issues. Two children, Jesse and Sean, graduates of Runkle School and BHS. Spouse Suzette Abbott teaches in Cambridge.

Candidate Statement 2012: Jonathan A. Karon

April 23, 2012

Dear Precinct 12 Voter:

I’m Jon Karon and I’m running for re-election to Town Meeting. I’d like to tell you about myself and ask for your vote in the Town Election on Tuesday, May 1st.

In addition to Town Meeting, I’ve had the honor of serving on Brookline’s School Committee; and on the Advisory Committee, which is our Town’s Finance Committee. I’ve been responsible for important budget decisions affecting both our schools and town services, and I have a record of fighting for my budget priorities: first class public schools; public safety; and essential services, especially for our senior citizens. I also support necessary investments in infrastructure, particularly keeping our roads and sidewalks in good repair. While on the Advisory Committee, I chaired its Planning and Regulation Sub-Committee where I worked to ensure that neighborhood concerns were taken seriously when considering proposed residential and commercial development.

I first moved to Brookline in 1983 and I’m a homeowner on Winthrop Road. I’ve been involved in our community in ways beyond my service in Town government. In particular, I’ve had the honor of serving on the Boards of Directors of the Brookline Greenspace Alliance and the Brookline Rotary Club, and I’m an Elected Member of the Brookline Democratic Town Committee.

I would like to return to Town Meeting to serve our Precinct. I’ll work to ensure that tough budget choices are made wisely and with compassion; that our schools get the resources they need; and that decisions on warrant articles reflect the progressive values of Brookline.

If re-elected, I will listen to you and work for you. I thus ask for one of your votes for Town Meeting Member from Precinct 12. Please feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 617-367-3311 if you would like more information or would like to share your concerns on our Town or our neighborhood. Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,

Jonathan A. (Jon) Karon

Candidate Statement 2012: Casey A. Hatchett

April 23, 2012

I am running for re-election to TMM for Precinct 12 because I am committed to making our community a better and safer place to live and work. I have been a resident of Brookline for 18 years and own a home on University Road where I live with my husband and three sons, ages 7, 5 and 4 and one daughter, age 1. I have been very active in our community for many years, serving as a Brookline Police Officer for the last 14 years, as Chair/Co-Chair of the Brookline Commission for Women for the last seven and as an active parent at Driscoll School. I have a wealth of relevant experience and knowledge on both professional and personal fronts.

My priority areas include:

  • Public Safety
  • Schools
  • Environment
  • Strong Town Services

I bring diverse work experiences and considerable community involvement in several areas. Being the mother of four young children, I will continue to be a strong voice for young families in our community who seek an excellent public education.

During the last 14 years as a Brookline Police Officer, I have been assigned to the Patrol Division, the Community Service Division and currently to the Crime Analysis Unit. I also sit on the Brookline Emergency Management Team and coordinate the Town’s CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). I worked extensively on the BPD’s Racial Profiling Prevention Strategies grant program and was editor and a contributing author for the BPD’s 10 Year Report on Racial Profiling Prevention. I have extensive experience as a grant writer as well. As your town meeting member, I bring more than a decade of experience in helping people who are underserved and disadvantaged and have strong feelings on fairness and justice. I have been fortunate to work under the direction of a progressive police chief and to have the opportunity to work on a variety of initiatives that help make Brookline a safe and enjoyable place to live.

As Chair and Co-Chair of the Brookline Commission for Women for the last seven years, I have helped institute an active agenda of programs and initiatives that support and promote women in Brookline. The Brookline Commission for Women strives to support women in all aspects of their lives and to promote the cultural, racial, and economic diversity of Brookline. Specifically, I have helped to coordinate seven Dress for Success Clothing Drives to help underprivileged women entering the workforce and three children clothing and book drives. I have worked on programs that educate women in the community on topics such as breast cancer (through the showing of the documentary film Toxic Bust which links chemicals in the environment to breast cancer) and money management (which taught attendees how to repair bad credit, make spending/saving plan and reduce costs.). I have also helped coordinate the annual Women Who Inspire Us essay contests and award ceremonies which celebrate women in the community making a significant impact on the lives of children and others in our community.

Over the last five years, I have also been a member of the Jennifer A. Lynch Committee Against Domestic Violence and currently serve as Treasurer. The JAL works to raise domestic violence awareness and prevention through education and programming.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts from Boston University in Political Science with a minor in Sociology and a Masters Degree from Western New England College in Criminal Justice Administration. During college, I developed my interest in public service while interning with the Governor’s Council and working for Congressman Joseph Kennedy at his District office and on his re-election campaign. I furthered this interest in public service while working as a speechwriter and policy analyst for the Secretary of Public Safety (Kathleen O’Toole) and went on to pursue a career in law enforcement as a result of her inspiration. My policy work at the Secretariat focused on community policing, domestic violence prevention, improved technology for law enforcement (computers/radios) and diplomatic work with Northern Ireland regarding the implementation of community policing in their country. Most recently, I have started teaching graduate students at Suffolk University, where I serve as an Adjunct Professor.

Through my work and community service, I am intricately involved in our community. Thank you for the opportunity to serve our community these last three years. I hope I can count on your support at the polls on May 1st!

Casey A. Hatchett